Our Story

About Us

We waited years for a friendlier, healthier way to enjoy CBD. The solution wasn’t coming- so we created our own. Tinctures, vaporizers, flower, pills, and concentrates are the old ways of consuming CBD. Frankly, these methods are unattractive, intimidating, and stigmatized to people trying CBD for the first time. Our mission is to create the friendliest and healthiest experience for the CBD novice or the daily user. We call it Stigma-Free CBD.

The Maja story begins in 2018 when our founding team realized there were no ready-to-drink CBD beverages. Nobody was creating any at the time, so we set out to do just that.

Our theory back then, which remains the same today, is that CBD needs a champion in the market. Something that will help CBD become a household item. Something that will separate CBD from the stigma of cannabis culture and establish it as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. We believe that champion is a beverage. It is the friendliest, most frictionless way to consume CBD. Through the power of the beverage, we believe CBD has the potential to become the next caffeine and more.

Why wellness shots? We originally began Maja with an 8 fl oz drink with 10mg of nano-emulsified CBD. The product was successful and had a lot of demand, but our most common feedback was to give it less liquid and more CBD. At the time, my morning routine consisted of taking a dose of CBD tincture and drinking a wellness shot. It occurred to us to combine the two, and address our most common feedback at the same time. After creating a sample batch the demand spoke for itself, and here we are today.

Who We Are

At Maja Wellness, we don’t simply have a ‘mission’ or ‘vision’ statement that we slap on our website to convince you that we have good intentions. Maja’s whole purpose for existing is the culmination of a set of principles that guide every step of our decision-making process. The traditional role of a company to simply provide a product or service for the market is an old concept. Today, we believe the role of a company is to not only sell a product or service, but to also operate on principles that support their communities and the world around them.